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Explore 12 Best Coffee Shops in London

London is renowned for its vibrant coffee culture, with numerous coffee shops that serve exceptional brews in unique and inviting settings. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the city’s best coffee shops is a must for any coffee enthusiast. In this guide, we delve into 12 of the best coffee shops in London, each offering something special for every coffee lover.

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Kula Cafe

Kula Cafe on Oxford Street is a cosy and inviting spot known for its friendly service and high-quality coffee. This hidden gem is considered to be the best coffee cafe in London, as it provides a warm ambience, making it an ideal place to unwind with a great cup of coffee. Kula Cafe also serves a variety of delicious pastries and snacks to complement your drink. You can also find the best breakfast Cafe in London here.


Warm Atmosphere: Perfect for relaxing or meeting friends.

Delicious Pastries: A great selection of sweet and savoury treats.

Friendly Staff: Known for exceptional customer service.

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Prufrock Coffee

Prufrock Coffee, located in Farringdon, was established by Gwilym Davies, the 2009 World Barista Champion. This coffee shop offers a comprehensive coffee experience, with an emphasis on meticulous preparation and high-quality beans from Square Mile. At Prufrock, you can enjoy watching the baristas work their magic at the brew bar or relax at the tables. Their welcoming atmosphere is also exceptional to enjoy your coffee.


Expert Baristas: Learn from some of the best in the business.

Training School: Offers barista training and cafe consultancy.

Seasonal Beans: Fresh and flavorful coffee selections.

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Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth Coffee has been a staple in London’s coffee scene since the late 1970s. With locations in Covent Garden and Borough Market, Monmouth is renowned for its commitment to quality and its pioneering approach to pour-over coffee. Using organic Jersey milk and carefully selected beans, Monmouth Coffee delivers an unparalleled coffee experience.


Historic Presence: A longstanding favourite in London.

Pour-Over Mastery: Expertly crafted filter coffee.

Organic Ingredients: High-quality milk and beans.

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Milk Bar/Flat White

Milk Bar and its older sibling Flat White bring a touch of New Zealand coffee culture to Soho. These coffee shops are celebrated for their exceptional espresso drinks and friendly service. Whether you prefer Milk Bar’s laid-back vibe or Flat White’s bustling atmosphere, both locations offer consistently excellent coffee.


Antipodean Charm: Authentic New Zealand coffee culture.

Signature Espresso: Rich and flavorful coffee blends.

Welcoming Ambiance: Friendly and relaxed environments.

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Workshop Coffee

Workshop Coffee in Clerkenwell is a haven for coffee artisans and aficionados. Initially launched as the Melbourne-inspired St ALi, Workshop Coffee has since carved out its own identity with a focus on high-quality beans and meticulous preparation. The in-house roaster and skilled baristas ensure every cup is a masterpiece.


In-House Roasting: Freshly roasted beans for optimal flavour.

Artisan Preparation: Attention to detail in every cup.

Modern Aesthetic: Stylish and contemporary setting.

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Kaffeine, located in Fitzrovia, offers premium coffee at a reasonable price. Known for its use of Square Mile beans and a top-of-the-line Synesso Cyncra espresso machine, Kaffeine provides a luxurious coffee experience at an affordable rate. It’s a popular spot for business meetings and coffee breaks alike.


Premium Beans: Sourced from Square Mile.

Affordable Prices: Excellent value for high-quality coffee.

Ideal Meeting Spot: Perfect for work and social gatherings.

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Dose Espresso

Dose Espresso, situated near Smithfield Market, has evolved into a spacious and stylish coffee shop. With a larger location and increased seating, Dose Espresso continues to serve meticulously prepared coffee using Square Mile beans. The modern design and relaxed atmosphere make it a favourite among locals.


Spacious Interior: Ample seating and modern design.

Quality Coffee: Expertly brewed espresso drinks.

Local Favorite: Popular with regulars and newcomers alike.

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Store St Espresso

Store St Espresso focuses on delivering high-quality coffee without any fuss. With locations on Store Street and Tavistock Place, this coffee shop is known for its professional baristas and excellent brews. The minimalist approach and attention to detail make Store St Espresso a must-visit for coffee purists.


Minimalist Approach: Focus on quality over quantity.

Professional Baristas: Skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Great Coffee: Consistently excellent brews.

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Nola, located in Peckham, combines Scandinavian and Japanese influences to create a unique coffee shop experience. With a focus on single-origin beans and meticulous brewing methods, Nola offers a range of coffee options alongside kombucha, organic lemonade, and delicious pastries.


Unique Design: Scandi-Japanese interior aesthetic.

Single-Origin Beans: High-quality coffee selections.

Variety of Drinks: Options for non-coffee drinkers too.

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Browns of Brockley

Browns of Brockley is a beloved coffee shop in SE4, known for its community vibe and commitment to ethical sourcing. This small but mighty cafe offers a range of house-baked breads, bagels, and pastries, making it a popular spot for locals seeking quality coffee and a friendly atmosphere.


Community Focused: Friendly and welcoming environment.

Ethically Sourced: Commitment to sustainable practices.

Delicious Baked Goods: Freshly made breads and pastries.

Lane Eight Coffee

Lane Eight Coffee, with locations in Clapham and East Dulwich, is inspired by the track and field reference to the outside lane. This coffee shop reflects a laid-back ethos with a stylish interior and excellent coffee. Lane Eight sources its beans from top-notch roasters like Red Bank and Hard Lines.


Stylish Interior: Modern and inviting design.

Top-Quality Beans: Sourced from reputable roasters.

Relaxed Atmosphere: Perfect for unwinding and enjoying a great coffee.


Rosslyn, located in Mansion House, blends the meticulousness of an Aussie cafe with the convivial spirit of an Irish pub. This micro-chain offers an illustrious menu of international beans, ensuring a diverse and high-quality coffee experience. Rosslyn is a great spot for anyone looking to enjoy a world-class brew in the heart of London.


International Beans: Coffee sourced from around the world.

Unique Fusion: Combines Aussie precision with Irish hospitality.

Prime Location: Conveniently situated in Mansion House.


London’s coffee scene is rich and diverse, with each coffee shop offering a unique experience. From the meticulous craftsmanship at Prufrock Coffee to the community vibes at Kula Cafe, there’s something for every coffee lover in this vibrant city. Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting, exploring these 12 best coffee shops in London is sure to enhance your appreciation for quality coffee and the art of brewing. So grab your cup and start your coffee journey through the streets of London.

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