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Dive into Late Night Cafe London: Must-Visit Spot

London’s business hours sometimes appear slightly restricted in terms of café culture. Around 6 pm, many cafés close. Not all of them, though! If you know where to look, London has a large number of cafés that are open late. Luckily, we do. Continue reading if you’re searching for a cozy spot to read an interesting blog, a place to meet a deadline, or a cup of coffee after work.

late night cafe london

Best Late Night Cafe London

Here are some of the best cafes open late at night in London for parties for studies, or any activity you need to do after your work hours: 


Polo Bar: This 24-hour institution near Liverpool Street Station is a true London legend. It combines a greasy spoon charm with a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. Perfect for a post-pub fry-up or a late-night bacon butty, it’s the perfect place to go.

Notes Cafe: With branches scattered across the city, Notes offers a relaxed atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, and a decent selection of coffees and teas to keep you fueled through the night.

London Night Cafe: This hidden gem in Aldgate boasts a futuristic vibe and a focus on calmness. It’s perfect for unwinding with a good book or catching up with a friend. For a small entry fee, you can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee and a cozy spot for the night.

Bar Italia: A Soho institution, Bar Italia is popular with musicians and football fans. It’s open until 4 am, making it the perfect pit stop for a post-club espresso or a late-night hangout with friends.


London’s late-night scene is more comprehensive than cafes. Here are some other cool options:

  • Bexcellenttores: Several bookstores in London, like Foyles on Charing Cross Road, stay open late, offering a unique ambiance for a late-night coffee and book browse.
  • Art-House Cinemas: Some cinemas, like the Ritzy in Brixton, have late-night screenings followed by bar service – perfect for catching a cult classic and grabbing a drink afterward.

Tips for Your Late-Night London Adventure:

Make a route plan: Regarding their closing hours, not every café is created equal. Make sure you check again before leaving.

Think about the atmosphere: Are you searching for a busy area to people-watch or a peaceful workplace? Make the appropriate choices for your café.

Accept the unexpected: The accidental meetings you may have at night in London add to its allure. You may talk with a local star or just another night owl!

late night cafe london

Places in London are open 24 hours.

Learn about some famous Places in London open 24 hours for outings, hoteling, and dinner with your friends and family:

Kipferl: for an Islington piece of Vienna

Kipferl introduces Islington to the tradition of the Viennese coffeehouse, inviting locals to stop in for supper with friends or just a slice of cake and a newspaper. A little Austrian deli opened in Smithfield in 2003, but since 2011, it has been a welcome addition to the café scene in Islington. Warm yourself with substantial winter fare like soups, stews, schnitzel, and dumplings; some vegetarian and vegan alternatives are available.

Greenberry Café - a charming dish

Head down Primrose Hill High Street to one of London’s most beautiful late-night cafés to escape the mayhem of Camden. If you want to avoid falling over buggies, go after 5 p.m. Even so, it’s worthwhile to attempt to score a seat at the afternoon table just for their carrot cake.

However, Greenberry offers more than cake, coffee, and tea. This café has a bistro vibe and specializes in light fare with Mediterranean flavors. It is not too expensive yet just as trendy as all the ultra-bougie restaurants in the neighborhood. Mains range in price from ¥2,292* to ¥3,438*, equivalent to gastropub rates.

You can bring a friend or girlfriend here for supper as well; the spacious room, cozy lighting, and soft buzz make it a great choice. 

Canvas Café: Vegan Cuisine and a Sense of Unity

Just off Brick Lane in east London, Canvas is all about community and plant-based snacks. In addition to serving only vegan food, the restaurant hosts events as a social venture. When the kitchen closes at 4:30 p.m. on Sundays through Tuesdays, Canvas is open until 6 pm; the rest of the week, it is open until 10 p.m. However, Canvas organizes pop-up kitchen residencies starting at 6 p.m., such as the Caribbean-inspired Lady Lane Kitchen, even if the average kitchen closes early.


In search of more London community cafes? There’s nowhere else to look. The feeling of community is not limited to the Canvas property. Every Friday, it serves as a food bank (no referrals needed), provides weekly hot meals as part of the Double Helpings initiative with artists Gilbert and George, and offers free training programs to assist young people between the ages of 19 and 24 in finding jobs. Come for supper or a late-night beverage, then stay for the often occurring free and inexpensive activities, such as seminars, stand-up comedy, and comedy sessions.

late night cafe london

Bridge Café: Stunning sensory experience

The least fascinating part about the Bridge Café is its rather literal name. It is indeed beneath a bridge. It’s not just any café, though. This Hoxton hotspot is a deliciously chaotic cocktail bar, speakeasy, and quirky curiosity shop all rolled into one. It seems as though you’ve been dropped right into a Jim Jarmusch film. Here, subtlety is not an option.

The neon levels on the ground floor may require sunglasses. However, everything is OK. Just de-stress with some sweet Baklava and a revitalizing cup of Turkish coffee. If you want anything alcoholic, there’s a bar as well. However, it’s cash only, which might be a hassle.

Hackney Coffee Company

Last but not least, the Hackney Coffee Company is a cafe with an outside terrace, chic décor, and high ceilings located in Bethnal Green/Hackney. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, it is open until 11 p.m.

Legends of late nights at Balans, Soho

It doesn’t matter where you go to get a cappuccino after six; Balan’s sells wine and caffeine until five in the morning. There are several locations across London, the biggest (as of the most recent opening) being No. 60, sometimes known as the big one, on Old Compton Street. There is also a minor sister at No. 34 Old Compton Street; however, it closes at 12:20 am. Though it has been serving Londoners after hours since the late 1980s, this isn’t so much a peaceful nook for a late-night book café as it’s more of a spot to hang out with pals after the bars close.

To help you understand the mood — In addition to boasting an “outrageous atmosphere, artistic spirit, and creative food and drinks,” Soho No. 60 audaciously states that it serves more Porn Star Martinis than any other establishment in London. You’ll have to judge, but after over 30 years in business, it clearly understands how to draw in late-night patrons.

Late hours at Bar Italia in Soho

Bar Italia has a chunk and a drink of old Soho. This coffee business has served locals since 1949 and is the oldest in London. Every day save Sunday, it is open from 7 am to 5 am, catering to early risers and night owls.

But this isn’t the place for a laid-back evening—it’s all about people-watching and hustling. Pulp, which featured Jarvis Cocker singing, “Two sugars would be great because I’m fading fast and it’s nearly dawn,” popularized the vibe at Bar Italia in the 1990s.

The location is well summed up in that song. It gets pretty raucous pretty, especially when Italian football is on. You can buy coffee and food at any time of day or night. As an alternative, given that it opens later than most cafés and bars. If you like Negronis or Aperol Spritzes, stop in for something stronger.

No More substantial sharing food and enjoying beverages

Notes is a tiny, rapidly expanding network of pubs and coffee shops that roast their coffee. The original Notes is located near Trafalgar Square on St. Martin’s Lane in a cozy area. It’s a reasonably large, light-filled space ideal for a pre-theater drink or glass of wine. The main food options include charcuterie, small dishes, and sharing boards with vegetarian and vegan options. The Trafalgar Square branch is open Tuesday through Saturday until 9 pm; on Sundays and Mondays, it closes at 6 p.m.

Since its 2011 launch, Notes has spread around London, including its two-level location at King’s Cross, where customers must wait in line or make reservations in advance, even on weekdays if they want a seat after 5 p.m. 

Scooter Caffè: a cozy hangout in Waterloo

Located directly below Waterloo Station at the end of Lower Marsh is a beloved independent café-bar called Scooter Caffè. The upstairs is small, with only a few little tables. However, the bohemian cellar downstairs is poorly lit and best experienced in a group. Take caution when walking up the ancient, metal spiral staircase, Particularly if holding a steaming hot cup of coffee.

There are more cocktails on the menu than meals. In addition to coffee and tea, you can obtain wine, beer, and cocktails. As far as food goes, it’s largely munchies like little cakes. However, Lower Marsh has many affordable dining options if you’re in the mood for something heartier.


As an expert in this field, I recommend Kula Cafe for visiting London’s late-night cafes. They are a true gem for anyone seeking a warm drink, a friendly atmosphere, or a place to unwind after dark. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, venturing into the world of late-night cafes in London is an experience to be noticed. So grab your laptop, a good book, or simply your curiosity, and explore these hidden havens. You might just discover your new favorite cafe in London!


Here are some of the best  late-night cafes in London for studying:

  • The Espresso Room (Covent Garden) – Open until 11 pm.
  • Timberyard (Seven Dials) – Open until 10 pm on weekdays.
  • Lanark Coffee (Fitzrovia) – Open until 10 pm.
  • Attendant (Fitzrovia) – Open until 10 pm.
  • Ziferblat (Shoreditch) – Open until midnight.


Yes, some places in London are known to be open 24 hours, including:

  • Tesco Extra stores
  • Sainsbury’s Local stores
  • Boots pharmacies in major transportation hubs like airports
  • Certain branches of McDonald’s and Burger King
  • Some Starbucks locations, especially in busy areas


Here are two unique late-night cafes in London:

  • Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium (Shoreditch): This cafe is part coffee shop and part cat sanctuary. You can sip on a latte while cuddling with a perfect feline friend.
  • The Ace Cafe London: This cafe is a haven for bikers and petrolheads. It’s decorated with motorbike memorabilia and has a rocking atmosphere.

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