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Experience the Best Coffee Culture in London at Kula Cafe

Welcome to Kula Cafe, where we invite you to immerse yourself in London’s vibrant coffee culture. London is open to different tastes and new methods of brewing coffee and greatly respects this craft. Kula Cafe in London proudly participates by joining tradition, quality, and community together in one dynamic scene.

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A Brief History of London's Coffee Culture

Since 1652 London’s first cafe opened its doors, its citizens have enjoyed coffee culture. These shops, sometimes called “penny universities,” provided people with a place to meet and exchange ideas. Today’s London has evolved into an impressive coffee metropolis offering various varieties. Kula Cafe is proud to play an integral part in it!

The Kula Cafe Experience

At Kula Cafe, coffee is an experience rather than an everyday beverage. We only source our beans from world-renowned coffee-growing regions and prioritize ethics and environmental responsibility in every cup we produce – making every sip you take a testament to quality and justice!

Everyone here is an artisan at heart, including our baristas. Every sip of traditional espresso, velvety flat white, or painstakingly made pour-over reveals their artistry and skill in producing it.

The Heart of Specialty Coffee

Kula Cafe is one of London’s pioneers in providing specialty coffee. Our primary focus lies on:

Quality Beans: Each batch is carefully chosen to ensure a unique and delicious flavor.

Artisanal Techniques: Our brewing methods, such as pour-overs and cold brews, are created to bring out the complex flavors of our beans.

Barista Expertise: Our staff are experts at barista brewing. Their expertise ensures that you will enjoy only the highest-grade cup possible.

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A Community Hub

Kula Cafe is a warm area for people to unwind, share stories, and make lasting connections.It’s more than an establishment. Our warm and friendly environment makes you feel like you are in your own space, whether you’re spending time with friends working on a project or just reading.

Unique Coffee Experiences

London is known for its innovative and creative coffee culture. Here at Kula Cafe, we embrace this spirit by offering various unique ways to enjoy our beloved beverage:

Special Events: Join us for coffee-tasting sessions, barista workshops, and live music nights.

Creative Brews: Our menu includes unique seasonal drinks, desserts, coffee and experimental brews that offer something new and exciting.

Local Collaborations: We often partner with local artisans and producers to bring you fresh and unique flavors.

Sustainability at Our Core

Ethics and environmental responsibility are core values for us. We place great importance on ethical and sustainable business practices. We have established trusted relationships with coffee farmers, ensuring fair trade and encouraging sustainable agriculture.

Explore London's Coffee Culture

Discovering London’s finest coffee shops can be like embarking on an adventure: it is like searching for hidden gems!

Coffee Crawls: Begin your cafe crawl from London and explore several cafes within a single day to fully appreciate its lively coffee culture.

Workshops and tastings: Learn about various brewing techniques, beans, bean origins, and taste techniques.

Hidden Gems: Find local favorites and hidden gems that are recommended by fellow coffee lovers.

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Join Us at Kula Cafe

At Kula Cafe, Our goal at Kula Cafe is to honor London’s amazing coffee culture by giving you the best coffee experience ever.We would be honored if you joined our community. Kula serves some of London’s best coffee, Decadent Desserts and much more. Its making an ideal spot for any coffee enthusiast or anyone just seeking an intimate space to unwind in.


21 James St, London W1U 1DS, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Phone: +44 20 7998 1455



Keep informed about our latest sales, products, and other news through our social channels, and sign up for our monthly newsletter. Visit Kula Cafe in London for the best coffee shop. We hand-craft every cup and celebrate community every time someone comes through our doors!


Through the provision of high-quality coffee, sourced sustainably as well as trained baristas and an inviting, welcoming environment, Kula Cafe has become an integral part of London’s bustling coffee scene. We deliver a unique coffee experience that is a reflection of the variety and creativeness of London’s coffee culture combining the accurate of tradition with modern.

For the coffee we make, we use only beans from regions that are accurate, including specialty beans. We value ethical and sustainable business practices. We build trusting relationships with coffee farmers, making sure fair trade is maintained and promoting sustainable agriculture.

An array of unique activities are offered at Kula Cafe in London include:


  • Classes and coffee tastings are available for those who want to become baristas.
  • Many seasonal and experimental beers.
  • Every once-in-a-lifetime event like concerts.
  • Collaboration with regional artisans and farmers, we create unique taste.

Everyone from the community comes to Kula Cafe to meet up or unwind and celebrate celebrations of special occasions. Kula Cafe is an inviting and warm place to host meetings, do something done, or relax. We also host events that bring people together and benefit from feeling more connected with one another.

We’re committed to promoting sustainability through the use of:

  • Responsible procurement of coffee beans.
  • Connecting with farmers on a personal level to encourage fair trade.
  • We believe in sustainable farming practices.
  • We are promoting the reduction of trash in our cafe and offering environmentally friendly packaging.

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