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Desi Breakfast

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An Indian-style breakfast plate with curried chikpan, chilli lentill, potato pea curry, spicy omelette, semolina pudding & chapati

Shakshuka (egg bhurji)

Spicy Indian style hard scrambled eggs with garlic, ginger, chilli, chopped tomatoes, fried onions, coriander & turmeric served with freshly baked chapatti.

Zaalouk & grilled halloumi

A Moroccon style garlic aubergine tagine cooked with onions & golden sweet cherry tomatoes topped with grilled halloumi and chapati

Avocado Bruschetta

Optional: poached eggs

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Breakfast Bun Kebab

Shallow fried beef & lentil patties with masala omelette in brioche buns with mint mayonnaise & kuchoomar salad.

Spicy Moroccan Eggs

A delicious chili pepper, tomato harissa tagline with poached eggs. Served with chapati and lebneh.

Pizza Margherita

Classic pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, and olive oil.