Kula Cafe - Best Ice Cream Shop in London

At Kula Cafe, we delight our customers by serving the best ice cream in London. Present in the city’s heart, our cafe is an excellent place for ice cream enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to Kula Cafe promises a delightful escape from the bustling streets of London.

Our diverse range of flavours and our inviting, cosy ambience make Kula Cafe the go-to destination for anyone craving a sweet treat. Visit us today!

best ice cream shop in london

Why Choose Kula Cafe for Your Ice Cream Experience?

When it comes to choosing where to indulge in ice cream, Kula Cafe stands out for numerous reasons. We offer:

Premium Quality Ingredients

We use only the finest, locally sourced ingredients to make our ice cream, ensuring every scoop is rich, creamy, and full of flavour.

Variety of Flavours

From classic vanilla to exotic mango chilli, our extensive menu has something for everyone. Choose from our menu and enjoy!

Cosy Ambience

Our cafe offers a warm and welcoming environment. It is considerably perfect for relaxing with friends and family.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing an outstanding experience for every customer. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Classic Ice Cream Flavours

At Kula Cafe, we celebrate the timeless appeal of classic ice cream flavours. We believe in pushing the boundaries of flavour and making our customers happy. Our classic flavours include:


  • Vanilla Bean: Made with real vanilla beans, this flavour is a creamy, aromatic delight.
  • Rich Chocolate: Deep, dark chocolate crafted from premium cocoa.
  • Strawberry: Bursting with the taste of fresh strawberries, it’s like summer in a scoop.
  • Mango Chili: A vibrant blend of sweet mango and a hint of spicy chilli.

Limited Edition Flavours

We love to experiment and often introduce limited-edition flavours inspired by global cuisines, holidays, and local events. Keep an eye on our specials board for exciting new creations.

best ice cream shop in london




James Street

Central London

Find Us!

Best Ice Cream Near Me

Kula Cafe is conveniently located in the heart of Oxford Street London making it easy to find the best ice cream near you. We’re just a short walk from major landmarks and public transport hubs.

best ice cream shop in london
best ice cream shop in london

Your Sweet Experience Awaits at Kula Cafe

At Kula Cafe, we are passionate about providing the best ice cream in London. Our commitment to quality, unique flavours, and cosy ambience ensures that every visit is a delightful experience.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax with friends, enjoy a family outing, or celebrate a special occasion, Kula Cafe is the perfect destination.

Visit us today and indulge in the finest ice cream London has to offer. We welcome you with our excellent service!



What our customers say

Gemma Thorluck
Gemma Thorluck
The staff is so kind to the customers, and we had Banana split and pancakes. They're delicious and fresh. We also ordered English tea but the taste would be better. That might be the water they they poured to the glass. Thank you for your service
Mary Basiadima
Mary Basiadima
Delightful crepes that aren't overly sweet! I tried the 'Naughty Ella', which was a delightful combination of Nutella, strawberries, and pieces of Ferrero Rocher with Vanilla ice cream on top. The service was impressively quick despite the busy atmosphere. After so many years in London, it's wonderful to still discover new places like this!
aaron dunning
aaron dunning
I came here early for breakfast. Greeted with warm welcome the moment I arrived. I was served a perfect espresso (I am very fussy) and my breakfast was cooked to perfection. They also let me swap out some items with no fuss at all. A really great pit stop for me on my way to a busy day full of meetings. Highly recommend - rare to find a place serving a great full English breakfast alongside great coffee.
Abdul Hannan Rajput
Abdul Hannan Rajput
Good service
Maria Abbas
Maria Abbas
Kula Cafe is a haven for food lovers! From the first bite to the last, the culinary journey was nothing short of spectacular. The menu boasts a fusion of flavors that showcase the chef's creativity and passion for food. I particularly enjoyed the innovative twists on classic dishes. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, providing excellent recommendations. The portions were generous, ensuring that even the heartiest appetites would leave satisfied. Kula Cafe has become my go-to spot for a satisfying and delectable dining experience.