We often get confused while searching for the better place for brunch or our late breakfasts, brunches are always the delight of our weekends and holidays, for some reason it has to be comforting and satisfying. Kula Cafe is a place of diverse culinary and aesthetically pleasant place. We offer various options for our brunches so that they can be set up for every taste bud.

We add some of the iconic gems that stand out from our brunch menu, lebanese meatballs a Middle East delight, crouque monsieur a French brunch essential, shakshuka, zaalouk, and grilled halloumi, and many more.


Kula Cafe is known for serving the best brunches, our chefs are highly trained and well-trained regarding cooking etiquette, we welcome our clients with all the love, and “Our food represents us.” We prepare food in a clean and healthy environment adding fresh ingredients and hints of aromatic spices and flavors.

If you are a fan of more savory sweet combinations, we can one of our good options of crispy bacon dazzled with maple syrup. These best pancakes in Oxford give you a blend of flavors that will perfectly satisfy your cravings.

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We all know that meat dishes are the favorite of the majority, and are like in every culture. Kula cafe has so many brunch options but our stand-out is Lebanese meatballs. It is a Middle Eastern dish, known as kubbeh or kibbeh, it is loved vividly in Lebanese cuisine, and it includes fresh rich ingredients and aromatic spices. The main ingredient of the dish, meatballs, are typically made up of finely ground beef, which is later mixed with aromatic spices, the gravy is prepared with finely chopped onions and chunky tomatoes, along with the bell pepper sauce and a blend of traditional aromatic middle-eastern spices such as allspice, cinnamon, black pepper, and nutmeg. All of these ingredients are mixed to create a thick smooth paste, these meatballs are stuffed with savory flavors which include the flavor of onions, spices, and pine nuts which add an extra layer of flavor and texture. This dish is a hearty and satisfying Lebanese meal that bursts with vibrant flavors, you are sorted for your best brunch in Marylebone.


Our menu has vast options to try on:

  • breakfast bun kebab
  • spicy morrocan eggs
  • sandwiches
  • avacado bruschetta
  • shakshuka
  • zaalouk & grilled halloumi


The safest option is all we want to go for and what more than the rich Italian dish, a pizza delight? Aroma or simple fresh ingredients and taste of heavenly generated fresh flavors, A margherita pizza is a classic Italian dish, the dish originated in Naples but is also the high demand at your very own kula cafe. This pizza has a thin crust and is topped with a few high-quality ingredients which make it all worthwhile. the pizza base is spread with a large serving of rich tomato sauce which is prepared from San Marzano tomatoes, which highlights the taste of it, sweet taste and low acidity. next, our talented chefs spread fresh cheese all over the sauce, which provides enhancing creamy flavor and delicate texture. Finally, the beauty of Margherita pizza is, that basil leaves are topped upon it, which includes aromatic flavors and freshness. As we baked the pizza in a wooden oven it also left the aroma of woody smoke which made it even more culturally significant, the immense flavors which perfectly balanced the taste.

A lifetime experience

The sourceful taste of both dishes is heavenly, our master chefs have made the dish by balancing all the ingredients in the best order, which makes you want it more and more. However, our cafe is also a place that provides the best aesthetics, which makes it look beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

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Nice cozy little place. Loved their chicken and waffle, the buttermilk pancakes were pretty standard. The owner and the waiters seemed little preoccupied probably due the busy hours during Sunday brunch, and seemed to lack the warmth for a hospitality establishment. I probably won't be going back again but I do recommend the place for a quick brunch/breakfast if you are in the neighborhood.